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The Warhead Candy Effect

In just 2 days I will be closing the first store front I ever had the pleasure of opening. Its so bitter sweet, like a warhead candy, you know where it is over the top sour at first but the sweetness was worth the bitterness at the beginning. I have completely fought my insides about this decision. My proudest most rewarding treasures are : 1. Accepting Jesus as my personal Savior 2. Marrying the love of my life and my true best friend in the whole world 3. Giving birth to the 2 most beautiful amazing children in the world 4. and last FOR NOW creating Uniquely Southern Monograms or USM. When we moved into our little building just 8 short months ago, I knew it was gonna be the most exciting, exhausting, rewarding time. I went into "the FIRST brick building" in Aynor with the highest of expectations. We signed a lease on a Wednesday and open the doors of USM that Saturday (I'm Crazy, I know) The adrenaline rush was insane but nothing compared to the one I'm having now...LOL! Everyday (just about) we would pick up our food from McDonalds and the FOR SALE sign was all I seen, it was hard to ignore this big YELLOW and BLUE building that had sat vacant in our town for some time. Of course one of my childhood friends was the realtor (fait). I can't tell you how many times I went and looked at this building. I would go in look around at all that needed to be done and walk out shoulders slumped and head down... but my brain was turning.  Pretty sure I went like 5 times. Finally I made the craziest decision (after a whole lot of PRAYER....WHOLE LOTTA!!) To put the offer in. Can I just say that was the longest 2 weeks EVAAAA!! I drove my friend crazy every. single. day. I would wake her up with a selfie....I'm laughing so hard as I think of it. When we came to an agreement sooo many things started to fall in place and some out of place LOL! I prayed so hard, so so hard. And although the Devil is fighting me I know that there is absolutely no way to take care of My proudest most rewarding Treasures I listed above if I'm running a store front, and Renovating one. So the decision was made and like the warhead candy that bitterness is almost worth spitting it out. However that sweetness is coming. So although we are closing our sweet little store front we are gonna have several drop off and pick up locations in town, or we can mail them out. And you know I straight up LOVE having clothes and dressing so many of my customers from Virginia down to Alabama and all Around Horry County which is why we are gonna focus so hard on our website for now. I ask that you all pray for us during this crazy exciting time because the power of prayer is limitless. I Love you all from the bottom of my heart and cannot wait to share this great journey that God himself has put me on. #herewego #usmallin #always

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