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Strolling thru Market

And yasss Just like that we are getting a roof. But this process tho...omg. It's pretty much been like strolling thru the market searching for the most amazing eye catching outfit to bring home to yall. The struggle is real. But once that "it" thing catches your eye, you know it's gonna put smiles on people's faces. Kinda like my roof. Because with a roof comes walls, with walls come lights, and with that an opening date is in the making. I'm pretty excited of the great new lines we have coming to our sweet lil Southern Casa. So.... I'll leave you with one of my fav #ootd yet. This Cozy faux fur vest is on time (they say we getting snow y'all) and paired with my personalized Clemson tee..... And did I mention the hot coco I have in my SIC cup? Yassss, bring this snowy concoction Mother Nature! USM has me ready 💕 #allin

PS. We are working on our website and apologize for any inconvenience, but we are working to be able to serve you better 💕

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