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Soul Searching...or something like that.


So no lie. Its been a tough few days. I have seen the complete ugliness of social media, and other outlets. But I have also seen the Joy and value of Social Media. Everyone in our town knows that I love my high school kids like they are literally my own children. And when they ask me for advice I give it to them straight forward. Well after my Constructive Paradise last week, I really took in my surroundings. I definitely STAYED AWAY from the FACEBOOK...LOL. This week has been pure amazing. Literally. I was able to give advice to one of my fav teen customers and even used my split second of insanity last week as an example. My favorite Quote: "A mistake is only a mistake if you don't learn from it" < I learned, and even used it as an example. Now then  to the positives of the Facebook world. Today I was scrolling through my feed and happened to run across a lady in my feed looking for people to take a picture of where they were and hold a note that said "your mom's love for you is so big it has reached (and you add your location)_______" Do you know how many ppl have sent her pics from all over the world. I sent love straight from our great town of Aynor. And of course sent messages to customers, friends, and families all over the states to help with this project. So in that moment I learned that Facebook really could make our world better if we used it in a more productive way. But anyway let me leave you with this: I'm super excited about a few new things in the works. I have a super important meeting tomorrow with one of my fav brands. I can't wait to tell y'all all about it. We are officially a new Tweeds and Beads Retailer. OMG the necklaces tho. Pretty amazing. I have this new obsession with MODAL.....omg. Totally worth the extra money. This material washes so well and the softness is unreal! This Modal top pictured in my blog pic is the perfect layering piece or just wear it by itself. We added our New Tweeds & Beads Legacy Tassel Necklace and paired it with our Big Star Remy Boot Cut Jeans. You will def leave a lasting impression in this sassy outfit. #usmstyle #tweedsandbeads #bigstar.

PS....We have officially moved into our temporary location at 542 North Main Street in Aynor. We will be here until the completion of our new building!   And if you can Check out and help this sweet mom looking for pics all over the world. I have the link below make sure you scroll down to the feed where she tells you about her little project.  Love Ya'll!! #usmallin

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