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More issues than Vogue..............Girlllll Please

SO.....My public speaking skills, they make me LOL because they are non existent. But I manage. Confidence is key! For Reals.... Recently ran into a speed bump with the new store...Well I personally would like to refer to it as a pot hole, just because like them pot holes it slowed my roll and irked my nerves! God has a plan....that is what I rely on. So Back to my PUBLIC SPEAKING skills. I recently stood in front of a group of people to reveal the amazing plans in my head. The of these fine people had someone called out to stop all work on my building. Normally this would make me cry fuss so on....but this time apparently I had my big girl pants on because I took it like an adult. Instead of letting the devil get the best of me I let GOD lead the way. I sat down and wrote all my thoughts down on paper (that my kids had scribbled on) and I studied those words. When it was my turn to speak it flowed straight from my mouth just as I had and many others had prayed for it to. I would have never in a million years thought I could stand in front of a council and let my confidence and my God carry me. He did. I flew through it. I felt like Kim Kardashian When she made the cover of Vogue, instead of feeling like I had more issues than vogue. So progress report : we are moving right along, and that is all we got. Good news is we have gotten all of our merchandise in our new system and will soon be syncing it with our website which will be so amazing for you guys and us guys. So I'm gonna leave you with what I wore to my Public Speaking Event.......I felt amazing, and pretty, and skinny, and sassy.....duh you KNOW we got to be sassy! I rocked out our cold shoulder Blush Tie-dye tunic, black leggings, and My AAAAmazing Taupe monogrammed boots #truelove 

PS..........I'm gonna let Brooke model this for ya, She rocks it best and I didn't rock a selfie this day only a bunch of hilarious Snaps :) 

PSS....This bible verse has made me smile in my soul since the moment I read it. 

"We rejoice in our sufferings, knowing that suffering produces endurance, and endurance produces character, and character produces hope"  Romans 5:3-4

I love ya'll to the moon! #allin

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