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Make it happen..... Easier Said than done.

Just Black Denim Make it Happen Mudpie

Don't you love those inspirational quotes you see in your feed constantly? Me tooooo! Nothing can get you pumped like those things😂 This week they have been ferocious to me, meaning they are talking to the depths of my soul. Literally. So one that has definitely stood out is "Make it Happen". Last November we had the amazing pleasure of buying an old run down building in our town. It's no joke my design goddess could see the potential and I still do. It's an absolute hot mess.... for reals. And every. Single. Time. We take 2 steps forward to be pushed 10 steps back. I have fell to my knees on several occasions wondering why in the world have I been put in this crazy situation. Which leads me to my next inspirational quote on my feed..."If God guides, he provides" Isaiah 58:11. It's so easy to ask the big WHY. WHY WHY WHY. So for the last 3 weeks we have been at a Stand still on this rather huge project, trying to regroup. In that 3 weeks we moved in with one of our close friends inside her salon. And let me tell you....that has pumped me even more, because I have missed my sweet customers. So back to me being all warm and fuzzy on my inspirations. It's no lie that I have an eye for dressing others. I can see it on a model and it look ehhh ok but when I order it and put it together it loooks ammmmmazing. Which is exactly what is gonna be done to the buildingn of my dreams. If you see me out I'm definitely more of a Tshirt and holy blue Jean kinda girl but I can sass, fab, and sparkle u up in a quick min. And that's exactly what this next month is gonna hold for my building. The steps back that we take are just so we can step back to see the bigger picture. The Tshirt and blue jeans might fool you but the inner design goddess will make you beautiful and confident. Yeah. Make it happen it's easier said than done but it is gonna happen because where God Guides he provides!

Leaving you with an amazing post about our new denim line. I'm so obsessed with this Denim and even more obsessed with the fact that it is made in the USA. Just Black Denim will hit our store in a couple weeks (my inner design goddess needs her tshirts and bluejeans) and Ohhhh emmmm geeee. We Got our Mudpie Women's Collection it. Let me tell you. The amazingness of this line! It's leaving out as quick as it comes in, the quality is the greatest and the look. Well you just have to come try for yourself. Our new address is 542 North Main Street Aynor SC 29511.

With lots of love I leave you #allin #usmallin
xoxo Jaime ❤

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