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Here we come, all in!

2017.... Are u Ready fo muah?

How heartwarming to not be able to sleep from the buzzing Happy New Years texts? Yes we were in the bed by 10, me and all 3 of my greatest blessings πŸ’• I scrolled thru USM's Facebook this morning to see how others rang in the new year, and ran across an article about Chip and Joanna Gains. It talked about how no matter how famous they get their faith stays the same. God is number one in their life. So for 2017 that is gonna be my focus. When you start a small business the long hours are terrible, you feel as tho you can never say no...the list goes on. I lost count of how many nights my kids slept at the store last year so we could get some large orders out. What is your Resolution? Make it good, make it count. This year brings so many possibilities for me as a Christian, mother, wife, and business owner. My goals that I have set for myself are achievable and I'm ready to reach for them. I'm so excited that I get to spend this year helping all of you with your Fashion and taking an idea you have in your head and putting it to life! This morning I'm #allin and all decked out in orange supporting our Clemson Tigers 😍 and very excited for a new Denim Line that we will be adding to our collection #usmlovesdenim #setachievablehoals #2017herewecomeΒ #fringebooties #allin

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