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Hashtags and Holy Jeans

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So if you know me personally or have ever seen me I’m a holy jeans and oversized tee kinda girl. Now don’t get me wrong. I know how to doll up it just rarely happens. I recently decided to change my blog name to Hashtags and Holyjeans. A hashtag turns any group of words directly behind the # symbol into a searchable link. So, duh….. yeah, who doesn’t want to be searchable. These days Hashtags are so important they keep up with so many things. From your favorite TV shows, Weddings, and even down to your babies life from the beginning. its so amazing to look back at a hash tag and it literally indexes everything. Now For the Holy Jeans. Yaaasss my holy jeans. They completely represent every single part of my personality. The Holes represent my imperfections, the comfort of jeans in itself represent God is always in control and always has me wrapped in his arms. And last the look of the jeans represent the sassy part of me, Jaime, USM. Its my perfect Hashtag. Its the perfect USM hashtag. It just completely represents everything about us. Today our #ootd is our Lauren James Denim shorties. Ok so how perfectly fitting that these gems have a slight distressed look which is right up my ally. They have 2% spandex in them that give you that super sweet comfort. Did i mention the pockets are made of Seersucker? Totally not joking. They are the definition of sass. Top off your sass with a dash of CLASS we added our racerback monogrammed tank. Now apparently here lately I have a small obsession with kelly green. So I’m definitely dragging you into it with me. I hope your weekend is filled with blessings!! I leave you all in with #hashtagsandholyjeans ❤Jaime

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