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Girlfriend...put you big girl panties on!

I just really appreciate my customers! Like deeply appreciate them. Last week was a steady string of customers coming thru the salon. Jo Jo was back and forth and back and forth between hair nails and tanners and the people just steady poured in all week long To shop our newest collection. All week long we were blessed to be slammed. Friday as we sat to really appreciate our week we had a galfest you know the ones where you brag on everything that week, and talk abut the ones who don't believe in you....yeah that kind of galfest! And then me and the kids headed out to the condo for some much needed beach therapy. I laid in bed that night and just reminisced of the great full week we had just endured and tears came to my eyes. It is truly the absolute biggest blessing that I get to wake up and not go to a job but go to fulfill a dream. The more I put my big girl panties on the more I realize my dream WILL come true because I am FOLLOWING my arrow. Anther excitement to add to this week is the fact that Lauren James is coming. Pardon me while I crash diet so I can fit into one of the amazing swimsuits we have ordered. I'm thinking 2 weeks and we will have it tagged and online and instore for you to try! #lifeisbetterinlj #hashtagsandholyjeans #usmallin xoxo Jaime

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