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Fire in My SOUL

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Let me tell you. This pass year has taught me so many things about myself. If you would have told me 3 years ago I would be running a successful retail operation and writing a blog I probably would have laughed in your face. The truth is when I write these post they literally spill out of my HEART AND MIND straight to my keyboard. My grammar is terrible, I am the worse speller, and I'm a southerner. Triple threat right there. On the way to work this morning me and Reese were jamming out to BeBe Rexa's Fire in my soul 😂 we were literally jamming out. One part in the song says "all my life I've been told to wait, but I'mma get it now, that's no debate" I can not tell you the years of endless conversations with my grandma wanting to open a clothing store. She would say if you want it bad enough it will come. That's just it. I want it so bad. "Even when the night is cold, I got that Fire in my soul". When I wake up in the morning I am so ready to get to work, it's not a job it's a passion. A passion that I have loved for so long. So let me tell you about the amazing outfit I'm leaving you with. These black scallop shorts are ammmmazeing. When I tried them on this morning I was stunned at the comfort. They don't cut my gut into, they are sized correctly, and the tiny bit of stretch puts the cherry on top. Now for real the girls laughed at my super white pasty legs (they WERE blindingly white) now I'm complete with a nice spray tan 😂 #myfriendsrock ok so back to my outfit. I paired the scallop shorts with a Mudpie Teagan Tank. This tank is flowy and soft. It looks as good as it feels. I topped it off with some Jack Roger Lauren Sandals. I felt pretty amazing!! Until next time I leave you guys #usmallin XOXO Jaime 💋

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