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Ehhhhh, photosesh.

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How many times have you gone to have your pics taken and told the photog, "MAKE ME SKINNY"? 😂 My friend, my photographer, my free PA Tells me...."I'm not a magician". I'm literally the least photogenic person in the world. I'm that older sibling that the photographer says "keep looking forward" while they wrestle your siblings for a good pic. Meanwhile when they get it your looking away. That's how I roll on this crazy road called life. The focus is non existent. Lawd. It's tuff. But.....sometimes when it's all said and done it was never meant to focus on the one objective, it was meant for you to Veire off in another direction. My road is not the smoothest road but it sure is a fun ride. So today for my lovely photo shoot (Lawd hep me) I am wearing the absolute most comfortable white jeans evvvva. And my top, I really wasn't sure about this top, however I'm pretty obsessed with it. And my booties, I'm in love. They are so comfy. They are the Jack Roger Maya Booties. Ohh em gee. So I'm really working on my website. I'm pretty sure I need 10 of me. But for now I'm gonna leave you with #hashtagsandholyjeans #allin


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