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A Quarter Mile and Max

In the Fast and the Furious One Of DOM's famous quotes is, "I live my life a quarter mile at a time. Nothing else matters,For those ten seconds or less, I'm free.

A quarter mile. That sums it up. I live my life a quarter mile at the time, for those ten seconds I'm free to be me, no worries, no building, no contractor issues, the list could go own. Uniquely Southern Monograms is my quarter mile. When I go there everyday I'm free to create, design go beyond thinking outside my "box". Max, the newest member of the Uniquely Southern Monograms FAM is a cute lil black ball of fur in the form of a shipoo. And he definitely just chewed my MacBook cord. Lawd. I need my quarter mile. Ok so for real, lots of new items came in this week and definitely went right out the door 😂 People (including Laura Bryn) always ask to order more. Of all the retail establishments I've worked I always wondered if something sells so fast why don't they just order more!? I mean how annoying 😣 But there is a method to this madness 😂 if we order more of the same style then everyone in town (we have a small town) will be rocking the same piece. Who wants that 😂 So I'm gonna leave you with some newbies, some of which barely made it out the box (that is pure joy) and let me tell you......get it while it's in stock. #weaimtobeunique We just got our first shipment of Articles of Society Jeans in, I can't even tell you the amazingness of these super soft stretchy gems. While sometimes I seriously think I'm superwoman.....I'm not. So we are trying to get them all online and looking fab 💕💕 so until my next quarter mile (if the lord sees fit...tomorrow please) I leave you excited, anxious, with #hastagsandholyjeans #usmallin


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